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Magnets 6x6 mm Neodymium Discs 6mm diameter x 6mm thick - Spider Magnetics Ltd

Magnets 6x6 mm N42 Grade Neodymium Discs 6mm diameter x 6mm thick

We currently have 29 in stock.

  • Spider Magnetics high N42 grade (NdFeB) neodymium magnets
  • Each magnet has a vertical pull of 2232g flush to a mild steel surface
  • The North and south poles are on the flat faces
  • Triple plated Nickel-Copper-Nickel for optimum corrosion resistance

Neodymium magnets are surprisingly strong for their size. Our magnets are triple coated nickel-copper-nickel for good corrosion resistance and magnetised axially giving a north pole on one flat face and a south pole on the opposite.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Neodymium magnets can be harmful if inhaled or swallowed so please store them safely out of reach of children. For children's projects use them strictly under adult supervision.


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