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About Us

Based in South Yorkshire in the UK we are an agent for a high quality overseas manufacturer and have over 25 years technical experience. We're extremely passionate about everything magnetic and our business specialises in high quality magnets and magnetic products for both home and industry.
We appreciate the positive feedback we have received from our large customer base retailing our products on other sales platforms. You will find an extended range products for sale on either of eBay.

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Low price does not equate to low quality. We are an online only business and pass all of the cost savings on to our customers. Our aim is to maintain high customer satisfaction by selling high quality magnets at very competitive prices.

Our registered address is:

Spider Magnetics Ltd
Henry Morgan House
Industry Road
South Yorkshire
S71 3PQ
United Kingdom

Please note this is a registered address only and there is no facility for collection. Visits by appointment only.

VAT number: GB 166 5107 10